Progress Report: week 13

Well everything certainly did not go well, I feel like everytime we think we’re on top of everything we run into new issues.

Issue 1: Nothing saved! so whilst I thought I worked out how to save the presets, it didn’t work. All the layers are there but the sources and configuration are not.

Issue 2: We loaded the footage into the program no problem, but none of the videos play in sync which is crucial for our work to create illusion. I need to work out some way of triggering them to play at the same time.

Issue 3: The content when projected onto the box does not look like an optical illusion, just an image projected onto each side of the box. Although it isn’t what we were aiming for I actually liked it, it striked me as funny that we had put so much effort into the mapping of the box to make it look realistic, we hadn’t thought about what a man trapped inside a box would realistically look like as someone moves around the box.



We did make some progress this week however! Chris started converting a plinth with the dimensions that needed into one we could also project onto. Amazing what some white paint and ripped cardboard can do.

Lots of work to do in the next two weeks before we present our final work, but the end is in reach!


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