Prototype and Play-testing

Prototyping and play testing the mechanics of my game was pretty straight forward as I used an existing game, which has been proven successful, as a template. This allowed me to focus more on the theme and my individual objective of using the board game as an educational tool. Creating the game took quite a bit of time as I used foam board which is trick to deal with when cutting precise shapes. The most time-consuming aspect was creating the player cards and drawing the figures but I am really happy with how they turned out.

Game Setup

Once the board was completed I gathered a group of friends together to test out the mechanics. I found that it actually took a while to explain the rules to everyone, and it was much easier just to start playing and explain as the game went on. This I noticed that the objective of the project was a little lost and more of an afterthought because everyone was so focused on learning the ropes of the game. Thankfully at the end of the first game they all really enjoyed it and wanted to play again, and in the next game they stared to understand the message because the basic game play was learned.


I thought this was a really cool insight to come from the game actually, it almost mimics the perspective I was trying to push in the first place. With the players/public not having an understanding or grasping concepts of the game/science, and then learning in an engaging way how it works.


I have done some more research into the manufacture of my game through the site game crafter. 




Amount Total cost
Med Booklet 1 $0.98
Med Game box 1 $6.00
Player Cards 32 $3.32
Mission/Discovery cards 26 $2.89
Round Tracker (dial) 1 $5.28
Board 1 $10.00
Resource tokens 9 $5.60
Broadcast stations/void 5 $11.20
Point Tokens 46 $2.59
Broadcast destinations 27 $2.59
Player tokens 88 $54.00
Total   $105.34
Bulk total per game (100+)  


The price to manufacture a single game is quite expensive, racking up over $100. However if I order 100+ copies of the game the price does drop quite significantly. The item that makes the manufacturing price so expensive is the player tokens which are non-printable, so if I can design or find other options for these pieces then it could potentially reduce the price by half.

Although this game can be played recreationally, It could also be used as a learning resource in schools, meaning it could potentially be government funded and distributed.

Overall I really enjoyed the process of making the game, it was really interesting to see how the mechanics and details that go into making a final product. I think that my aim of communicating the issues of science could be more highlighted, perhaps by linking my project for Digc335 as reference.


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