The importance of William Gibson and the emergence of Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk is a genre that was developed in the early 1980’s, around the same time that the internet and networks started to emerge. At this time the concept of global networks how they are today were previously unimaginable, making way for people like William Gibson to guess at the possibilities of this technology.

William Gibson debut novel ‘Neuromancer’ was released in 1894 and was said to be the birth of the concept of cyberspace and and shaped the landscape of the internet. This novel was revolutionary because at this time the world wide web had not been invented yet, and the internet was only used for military and scholarly purposes. Gibson was the person who created the term cyberspace and explored its possibilities in his novels, creating cyberpunk which is now very prominent in pop culture. Not everything Gibson imagined came to be true, but who knows, maybe one day we’ll be walking around with mechanical limbs and x-ray vision.



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  1. hey Meg,
    this post is great, before reading it i was still a little confused about Cyberpunk so it really helped especially the timeline! I agree thats its super cool that Gibson wrote about all this stuff before it even happened and one day it probably all will come true 🙂

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